Roof Inspection

Having a roof over your head is a huge accomplishment but the work does not end there. You need to make sure that the roof is in excellent shape at all times. One effective way of taking good care of your roof is to have it inspected by a professional roof inspector. A roof inspection in Bristol Rhode Island will thoroughly inspect your roof and identify potential and existing problems and have them repaired the soonest time possible.

We have been performing an inspection of all types of roofing whether it is a residential or commercial roofing. Our employees are fully trained in inspecting different types of roofing materials such as concrete tiles, asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, and the likes. We have a strong attention to detail and we do not let a whole lot slip by. Aside from roofing inspection, we also offer other roof-related services like repair, siding replacement, gutters, and installation, to name a few.

Roof Inspection Checklist
· Watch for the presence of bumps and divots in shingle lines. If there is a deviation in the lines of shingles, it means that there is an underlying problem. It could be a sign of a failing roof, a misplaced beam, or a compromised roofing material.
· Check for crack or missing shingles and replace them the soonest time possible as they can lead to further damage on your roof.

· Check for signs of debris – Debris can be found on your roof, especially if you are living in the countryside. There will be leaves, sticks, branches, and the likes. As soon as you notice them, you need to remove them as they put unnecessary weight on the roof which could lead to damage. There is also a possibility of insects and moisture build-up.

· Check the vents for damage and worn footings. Some parts of the house vent gases out of the exhaust pipe such as the kitchen and bathroom. Check the rubber footing as it is prone to weather damage. Fix the problem as soon as you notice it so as to prevent exposure of the flashing. An exposed flashing could lead to a bigger problem.

· Check the flashing for any signs of rusting and other problems. What is a flashing? It is a metal sheet/waterproof substance used around exhaust vents and pipes to protect from water seepage. A damaged flashing should be replaced the soonest time possible to prevent failing roof.

· Look for damaged eaves. Eaves are small vented overhangs found on the spine of the roof to facilitate the exchange of heat. A damaged eave could lead to heat build-up during summer months.
To make sure that no areas of your roof are compromised or neglected, you need to have it inspected by roofing experts.